what is karma & Their Four Types

what is karma & Their Four Types

To put it simply, karma is what happens after a person does a certain action. There are four types of these. Here they are:

      –  Sanchita Karma

Sanchita karma shows a pattern in our lives with regards to ups and downs. Have you had one of those days when bad events happen all at the same period of time? That is one manifestation of Sanchita karma. For example, when one person plants an apple tree and a cactus tree at the same time, the growth will come at a certain time. Let’s say that the apple tree, which represents something good, is the first one that matured, then the individual will enjoy the benefits. However, since there is also a cactus that followed, something unfortunate may also follow. That is why it is important to store good seeds.

  • Vartamana Karma

This karma is what you’re going through right now. Learning the laws about what is karma, the karma you’re facing now results from what has happened before, regardless the time it happened.

  • Praarabdha Karma

Think of this type of karma as something inevitable such as the ripening of a fruit in a tree. One day, the fruit will be picked from the tree or it would fall down from the tree itself. In short, Praarabdha is the type of karma that will happen in due time. The universe finds its way to accumulate the debts you have and someday, you’ll be caught with a surprise for their payments. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean the future cannot be changed regarding this.

  • Agami Karma

Agami karma is also known as forthcoming karma. This is when the effects of the action are displayed in a relatively shorter amount of time than it is with Sanchita or Praarabdha karma. This simply shows how the things you have done today can directly affect the next moment or the day after.


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